Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration begins when the utilities tell your insurance company that they are doing a full assessment of the damage. During this time, check your policy to determine the types of services you have on your policy. If you have add-ons, ask your insurance company which add-ons you have. Many insurance companies send you a bill every month so that you can pay those add-ons and not the types of services you actually have. You may be surprised to learn that add-ons cost homeowners insurance companies more than the actual services. For example, storm shutters are a built in add-on and do not come free. So if you have a home protection system, a system, you need to get a system add-on and may be a little more work to install. The first step after a water emergency is to contact your insurance company to see how you can help.

Step 1. Contact your insurance company immediately to coordinate the full restoration of your home. After you receive a full restoration estimate from the insurance company, follow the steps outlined below.

* Call the company and make sure you are speaking to a person who speaks English and who has the authority to decide what work needs to be done on your property. In the case of your insurance company, the agent you speak with will be a Manager. Make sure you are having a person in place who can take control of the repair work in the event of an emergency.

* After you’ve explained to the manager the emergency situation, wait for a response. If you hear anything but the restoration of your home, leave a message saying what you want done and who you want to speak with. If you are still waiting, leave a message.

* When you are in contact with the insurance company, make sure you have a representative from the company come to your home. This is a courtesy to provide you with a receipt. But really, you will be waiting for a representative from the company. A policy agent may come but you want a representative from the company.

* After you have been to your home with your home representative, wait until your representative is in place and have them discuss the emergency with the company representative. You may then ask about your insurance policy and if you have any questions. After this point, both you and the representative should have a signed repair estimate back from the company. In the case of your insurance company, you should have a representative by now. If you haven’t yet, it is best to sign by the next day so that the representative can return your call. The next steps are to call your adjuster and have them come by your home. After they confirm what has been repaired, schedule a visit to your home to inspect the property. Make sure the adjuster will be coming.

When your adjuster arrives, the next step is for you to get a receipt by the following day. If your insurance company representative fails to return the calls, they are not covered for the insurance claim. After your adjuster inspects your property, has a signed repair estimate and inspected, your representative should be in contact with you. When they visit the following day, sign the repair estimate and be sure the representative is in contact with you. If you haven’t already, you should sign the estimates back by the next day. When you get the estimates, be sure to have your contractor come inspect your home after they inspect the property. During the inspection, be sure your contractor is satisfied. If they are not, you can go back to step two.